Google will find coro patients bed and oxygen, this feature is coming in Google Maps

By | May 15, 2021

Amidst another deadly wave of Covina-19 virus within the country, Google is once more testing the feature. Google said on Monday that it had been testing a special feature in Google Maps that might allow people to understand about the supply of medical beds and medical oxygen for patients. this may also allow people to share information.

In another wave in India, hospitals in several states are battling a shortage of medical oxygen and bats, and other people on social media are posing for help with oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, plasma donors and ventilators. This feature of Google Maps are often very useful within the fight against Kavid-19.

Information may have to be verified before use …..

the corporate says it’s testing a feature in Maps using the Q&A function, which enables people to require and share local information about the supply of bed and medical oxygen at select locations. This information are going to be user generated and not provided by Authorized Sources, it’s going to be necessary to verify the knowledge before using it.

The Google team is that specialize in three priority areas ….
Google said its team is that specialize in three priority areas. the primary is to make sure that the newest and official information reaches the people. The second is to market the security and vaccination message and make support available to affected communities, health officials and organizations.
additionally to showing 2,500 test centers on Google search and maps, the situation of quite 23,000 vaccination centers across the country is now helping to share in English and eight Indian languages.

The campaign is being run with the assistance of NGOs …..
the corporate said it had been running an indoor donation campaign to boost money for variety of NGOs, including Give India, Charities and Foundation India, Goonj and United Way of Mumbai. About Rs 33 crore has been raised thus far , and therefore the campaign remains happening.

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