The use of jaggery is beneficial to avoid cold cough in corona.

By | April 20, 2021

Most of the cane is prepared in grief. The circular is a part of daily life. People should increase the use of sugar instead of sugar for sweeteners. The circular is also useful in medicinal way. If the circular abdominal problems are released, the disease is also beneficial in the disease. Given the rab of the jarch and also given to the patient. After knowing many Ayurvedic benefits of jar, you reduce sugar eating countries. Would prefer the first to the first of sugar. Currently, in corona mode is useful to keep away from shyness and to maintain the oxygen level in the body and strengthen digestion. Diabetes patients work as a medicine, carbohydrates, iron, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus for human body.

The circular reduces the effects of pollution in our body. At the same time, people who have banned the use of sugar due to diabetes, they can use it to use it to complete the taste. Spiritual use of the cold-coughing is used in the cold and coughing. Cold can be eaten by mixing with ginger. Apart from this, it can be eaten circularly with the go. By doing this, the cold can be neutralized. At the same time, the use of go is used in the forefront. The abdominal problem is also beneficial in the abdominal problem like the abdominal problem, acidity and sour. If you have a stomach problem, the spectacle with a small piece of jarch is benefited by a kick and mixing a pug. Eating every day, the abdominal digestive power remains healthy and strong, so that the constipation problem does not happen. Bones are found in large amounts of calcium and phosphorus in round. Those who work to strengthen the bones. Its continuous intake gets relief from joint pain. At the same time, using ginger is very strong in the bone. Keeps away from fatal diseases caused by pollution if you work in a factory or factory where the level of pollution is very high, you should use it every day. For people living in the polluted environment, the circular medic is equal. By taking 100 grams of joy every day, we are away from fatal diseases caused by pollution.
The benefits of jaggery are beneficial in avoiding cold and cough in Corona, along with increasing the digestive power.

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